Would Capoeira Work in a Real Fight?

If you thought capoeira was just man-ballet, then you should check out this clip. Marcu "Lelo" Aurelio employs some powerful capoeira kicks against Keegan "The Marshall" Marshall to create one of the most interesting knockouts ever recorded.

I've known that capoeira is an effective fighting technique since playing Eddy Gordo in Tekken Tag, but because of the more ridiculous-looking moves in the set, all of capoeira is often regarded as a laughable fighting style.

But originally, the whole point of capoeira's dance-like aesthetic was to look laughable as a fighting style. Slaves in 16th century Brazil would practice capoeira fighting under the guise of a dance routine so their masters wouldn't suspect uprising. But when it was time to escape, the slaves could turn down the dance, and turn up the ass-kicking.