Woman Tries to Kill Husband With Her Poisonous Va-J-gina

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Michael Douglas accuse Katherine Zeta Jones of trying something very similar?

Que: Bel Biv Devoe's "That girl is poison."

Just so you know, a Brazilian woman in the specific city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto, decided to saturate her own va-J-gina (waxed?) with poison, aiming to "do-in" her husband via cunnilingus. This bizarre and rather clever attempt at murder/suicide came shortly after she she served her future "target" with divorce papers.

In the midst of taking the dive down south, the husband's sense of smell was alerted to an unusual odour exuding form her baby exit. Assuming her pelvis wasn't labled with "XXX" or a skull and crossbones, this dude's nose deserves some kudo-props. Noticing she was kind out of it, he rushed her to the hospital--like any good guy would--where the doctors and policia were able to put two and two together.

While in the hospital, she confessed to the crime and and looks to face serious consequences, as her husband--like a medieval King's food tester--faces a lifetime of obsessive compulsive, pre-foreplay vagina inspection. Her cosequences may be offset slightly, given that she'll probably be hired as head song writer for the Dixie Chicks.​