Trailers Galore!

​This was a great week for new movie trailers, with new looks at Star Trek: Into The Darkness, World War Z, Kick Ass 2, The Wolverine, and the movie I'm most excited about, King of Travellers.

The Wolverine

Another Hugh Jackson Wolverine movie that looks like it's going to be... Another Hugh Jackson Wolverine movie. Personally I thought the last one was terrible, and this one looks like the last one but in Asia.

World War Z

Brad Pitt in a zombie movie? Apparently he liked the book so much that he had his production company fight of DiCaprio's production company for the rights. I think it looks pretty badass. The trailer has the zombies behaving almost like a single organism, which is a somewhat novel re-imagining of the genre.

Kick Ass 2

Loved the first one... Wanting to love the second one, but the trailer has me dubious. Not sure the Cage is replaceable.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Super excited about this one. The Most-British-Man-In-The-World, Benedict Cumberbatch, is going to kill it and secure his place in the pantheon of Trekkie villains.

King Of Travellers

I kind of stumbled on this one by accident, but it looks awesome. Imagine if the movie Snatch just followed the exploits of the boxing gypsies...

Chicks Dig Gay Guys

There's also this, which is apparently big in North Korea (no idea why).