This 3-Year-Old Chinese Talent Show Contestant Is The Person We Should All Aspire To Be

​This 3-year-old contestant on China's popular "Amazing Chinese" is simply better than you and I. Well, I'll just speak for me mostly: I know that he is better than I am. But knowing you as I do, I think it's also pretty safe to say that he's better than you also. Prove me wrong is all I'm saying.

Zhang Junhao wheels out his "baby"--an adorably be-stickered PA speaker--then hands the remote to the judges of the show and tells them that he's going to do his "random dance". Then, he f#@$in' DOES! Simple as that! The judges cycle through his selection of songs, each of which he has a unique dance routine for, and he doesn't miss a beat transitioning from one to the next.

The judges then go on to ask him what his dream is, to which he flatly answers, "My dream is to make people happy because I’m happy. Are you happy?" at which point if you're not either openly weeping or fighting back tears because you're too afraid of the world around not knowing the beauty of innocence that you have just seen, then you are a hollow husk of a human being who will never understand the joy of "random dance"! When I grow up, I want to be Zhang Junhao, and you should too.