The World’s First Burrito Vending Machine

Proof that God is real.

​The next time you have a bad day and start to doubt wether the Universe is on your side, I want you to remember this moment. Today(!) is the day that might change your life forever, as you will be learning about the greatest invention since the internet. The Burritobox! A vending machine that births realtime burritos directly into your hands. No longer do you have to watch the Chipotle minions make your burritos, pompously exposing the natural mysteries therein.  If God wanted us to watch burritos being made He would've made the female belly transparent. Finally someone is following His holy, perfect plan. 

The first Burritobox has been spotted in Los Angeles and are soon expected (by me) to rule the world. I say that we slap one of these next to every Redbox and Pot Dispensery and it will make gazillions.