Riff Raff Suing For $10 Million Over ‘Spring Breakers’

Rapper Riff Raff aka Jodyhighroller aka Rap Game James Franco, is suing for $10 million because he claims James Franco's character in the movie 'Spring Breakers' is based on him.

On the surface it looks like there can be no denying that the character is based on Riff Raff.

Yet in an interview with GQ in May of 2012, Franco denied that Riff Raff was the inspiration for the character, and claimed that Riff Raff could have never been offered the role.

Then the big slip-up came...James Franco, not knowing the full power of the internets, posted this picture to his Instagam. In the picture Franco poses for the camera in what appears to be his wardrobe closet for 'Spring Breakers,' and who's image is posted all over the wall behind him? None other than Riff Raff.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that Franco's character is based on Riff, there is more. There is this email sent to Riff from the Director of 'Spring Breakers,' Harmony Korine.

And in my final exhibit, I give you a near word-for-word ripoff of Riff Raff by James Franco from an actual scene in the film.

With all this evidence I don't know how it can be denied anymore that the character played by James Franco in 'Spring Breakers' is heavily influenced by Riff Raff. The only real question is: What is Riff Raff entitled to for this ripoff of his character? He says $10 million will do. I will let him explain why he deserves it as only Riff can...

Now that all this controversy has been aired out, I will leave you with a recent freestyle from Riff Raff, who will end up a multimillionaire whether he wins this lawsuit or not. He takes some shots at Franco in his latest masterpiece of woven words.