Plants You’ve Never Seen Before

Welwitschia Mirabilis: This plant can live up to 1,500 years, needing only the moisture from dew to survive and look like a perfectly healthy undead octopus.

Titan Arum: Growing to around 3 meters high and 3 meters in circumference, the Titan Arum would be beautiful if it didn't smell like a decomposing fart. Its nickname is the "corpse flower" and attracts the same insects that would infest the dead.

Romanesco Broccoli: Finally, a vegetable that caters to the OCD veggie lover. The naturally occurring fractal patterns in this cousin of the cauliflower make this the most mathematic thing you could put in a salad other than a Rubik's Cube.

Rafflesia: The only part of this plant that ever sees the light of day is its large eye-of-Sauron-esque flower, which can grow more than 100 centimeters across (39 in). The reason all you can see is the flower is because the roots of the parasitic Rafflesia live completely within the roots of another plant. Like Oprah's husband.

Horned Melon: The horned melon is the ancestor of today's melons and looks like photosynthesizing blowfish.

Jabuticaba: The Jabuticaba looks like it's covered in a bubbling rash or 3rd degree burns, but the fruit of this tree actually grows directly out of its branches.

Hala Fruit: The buoyant phalanges of the Pacific Island Hala Fruit can remain potent for many months before taking root on some distant shore. Like a message in a bottle made of fruit, filled with fruit.

Durian: This exotic fruit has a strong and uniquely divisive smell that fills some people with deep appreciation while filling others with soon-to-be vomit. That's why the durian has both the nicknames "King of Fruit" and "King of Gym Socks."

Tacca Chantrieri: The bat-shaped leaves of the Tacca Chantrieri span up to 12 inches across while the whiskers can grow up to 28 inches long. Imagine if actual bats had 28-inch whiskers: They'd be creepy as hell, but at least you could pull them out of the sky like a kite.

Sarracenia Oreophila: The hairs inside of the cups of this bizarre plant-against-god trap bugs inside where digestive juices break them down into nutrients, because each cup of this abomination is also a stomach.

Dragon Tree: The fact that this tree looks like a mushroom isn't the weirdest thing about it: Its sap is blood red, making cutting into it eerily reminiscent of cutting into flesh.

Cashew Fruit: Did you know cashews come from fruit? Mind: Blown. For some reason nobody talks about the fact that these fruit turtle-head their cashews every season before they eventually pinch it off and we eat it.

Buddha's Hand: The Buddha's hand is traditionally given as religious offering at Buddhist temples because the fruit's fingers supposedly look like Buddha's hands while praying. Maybe I'm just not Zen enough, but I think the fruit looks less like a Buddha's hand and more like a citrus sea monster.

Baobab: Native to Madagascar, Africa and India, these wide-based and tall-trunked trees are the only trees on earth with thunder thighs.