Cool Things We’ll Have Within 110 Years

​Popular Mechanics has assembled a list of predictions for the next 110 years, and it sounds like science is gonna make life a real party. A few highlights include: 

Printers that will make both bodily organs and car parts.

Ion engines that will power a trip to a distant star.

Synthetic proteins that will feed the world and that are incredibly efficient to produce.

Star Wars: It's estimated that within 60 years, we will see battles in space (too bad Popular Mechanics could not forsee the Star Wars prequels and prevent that tragedy).

Here are some still on my wish-list:

Sentient body pillows.

Genetic programming for petunia scented human flatulence.

Robots capable of catering to our every need, but incapable of judgement.

Though much will change, there are some items that will always remain the same.  Popular Mechanics also took care to identify a few items which have already been perfected, including harmonicas, frisbees and of course, beer.