Nike’s “Power Lace” Back to the Future Shoes Arrive in 2015

​Finally someone outside of traditional sports is getting a Nike Shoe endorsement. It looks like the latest endorsement will be going to Marty McFly, as Nike has released statement that the Power Lace (self tightening shoes) are in the pipeline.

Although Nike's 2011 release of the "Air Mag" was a nice tribute to Back To the Future II, the shoe ultimately disappointed fans who wanted shoes that would lace themselves like in the movie. But instead of screaming "Hey dorks! It's an effing movie" or "Hover boards also don't really exist," Nike's team of engineers and employees have been working day and night, breaking countless child labor laws, to bring you the self-lacing shoe you so desire. The shoe is scheduled to come out sometime in 2015, but a definite release date has yet to be announced.

According to EBAY, the going rate for one pair of the original limited edition power laced shoes from 2011, is just around six thousand dollars. So, I'd imagine with the plans for putting a computer on board the newer version, the price will probably jump up a bit more.