Nazi Dad Loses Custody of Ninth Child

It's the Nazi-Fonzi. -"Haaaaaaaaaaaate."

Heath Campbell is a Nazi. There's no mistaking. It's probably the large swastika on his neck or the fact that he shows up to court in full Third Reich regalia that solidifies it. Or maybe it's because he tried to get a supermarket to write "Happy Birthday Adolph Hitler," on his son's birthday cake. Or maybe it's  because he has a son named Adolph Hitler Campbell. Whatever reason you go with to recognize Campbell is a Nazi is fine with me. I think in this case, it's okay to judge a book by it's cover…especially when the cover of that book says, "Mien Kamph."

Well, unfortunately (for Campbell) the authorities of Northampton County, New Jersey also recognize his Nazi-ness and have removed a ninth child, Eva Lynn Patricia Braun Campbell from his custody. Campbell has NINE(!) kids with five different poor-judgement-having ladyfolk and custody of zero of his pure-blooded offspring. 

Campbell's logic regarding his streak of child extraction is as follows: 

"Well, I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them." 

Campbell believes that his children have been removed solely based on their bad-guy themed namesakes, but a chronic history of violence may also have a little to do with it. Campbell and his current GF, Bethanie Zito, will be in court this month in hopes of getting their precious white baby back. Fingers crossed. That they fail.