Movie 43

​Movie 43 looks hilarious and pretty different from any other comedy coming out right now. There's an all star line-up of way too many people to mention (but i'll try) such as Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, many many more and an equally impressive line up of directors. The film, rather than having one long continuous plot (boring) is a series of short films, each with a new cast and new director, reminiscent of films like The Ten and Kentucky Fried Movie. Judging by the trailer, it will be full of fun curse words, nudity, masturbation jokes, and poop jokes which already scream "winner" to me. 

My personal favorite moment in this trailer is Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts as the parents homeschooling their son and giving him a "real" high school experience. That's just a plain old brilliant concept to me, and it seems that both are very funny acting like teen bullies. Second place goes to Terrance Howard as the basketball coach. Mainly for saying this gem to the all-black basketball team: "You're black, they're white. This ain't hockey."

The only potential downfall for a movie like this is perhaps there'll be too much going on to the point that jokes and gags will feel repeated, and thus a lot less funny. Also, there is a chance this trailer has shown us the only funny parts of the film, and the rest could be real bad. I have faith however. I want this movie to be good. I really really do!

Other notable quotes:

"It's your HPV Veronica, I'm just carrying it"
"Hey guys, come check out this kid's weird pubes"
"He gave you a foot and a half dick. Dribble with that motherfucker." 
"I got frozen pizza and a sponge."
"I can't believe you sucked off that hobo for magic beans."