Mariah Carey in Edible Underwear

I've never been in the presence of edible underwear long enough to even know what they're made of, but my imagination paints a picture of some sort of fruit-roll-up texture, which is probably why I've never eaten them--maybe next Thanksgiving. This past Valentine's Day, instead of introducing us to a new hit R&B tune, singer/diva/miss thang Mariah Carey made known to the world a new kind of edible underwear, the Candy Bra. 

Made up of hundreds of of those hard tiny candy hearts, Carey's breasts were surrounded in the sugary treats, making a great argument "in support" of the ever-raging high fructose corn syrup debate. She posted a few pics on her Instagram page, displaying herself in a bathtub, covered in confetti and balloons, and then a few more buzzkilling stills with her offspring and husband, America's Got Talent host and star of Drumline, Nick Cannon aka Mr. Carey.

Via People