Long Lost Star Wars Footage Released

An antique laser disc once used to showcase the capabilities of an 80s film-editing system was recently sold to a purchaser who randomly and luckily found a treasure trove of raw, previously unreleased Star Wars footage.

The purchaser bought the laser disc on eBay for $699 because it was used to demonstrate Lucasfilm's EditDroid station (one of the editing systems used in the making of Star Wars), but that purchaser got so much more than that.

The footage gives more background on Luke Skywalker's relationship with Yoda during Skywalker's final visit to Dagobah, and there is also about a minute of R2D2 fixing Skywalker's X-Wing, and all of that is in this video:

WARNING: This footage might not be on the internet for long: LucasArts is typically pretty fast to maintain the exclusivity of its properties so that it can be sold in some specialty bundle pack someday.