Laziest Girl on the Planet Sleeps for Days

​Her parents felt there was something odd with there daughter and even considered the slim chance of her being a junky prostitute. 

Louisa Ball, 17, was taken to doctor after doctor and they concluded that either she's the laziest person on the planet or she has Kleine-Levin syndrome, a disorder that affects the thalamus which contributes to a good nights sleep. She sleeps for days on end and, in spite of her opposition, Louisa is roused to bathe, eat and poop.

I can't imagine they always had it timed just right, and perhaps left her sleeping in her own feces. That's the thing you were never supposed to know about sleeping beauty, she smelled like shit. This girl probably smells fine though. Most of the time at least.

The one good thing is that with all her resting she never has bags under her eyes and is in good shape even though she eats like a pig. Like a sleeping pig. 

Her parents sometimes become frustrated with sleeping pig because every time she nods off they don't get to hang out with their moody daughter. It's like having a crappy unaffectionate cat.