James Franco Paints a Nude Seth Rogen

​Rest assured, whenever we look a little too close at James Franco's social media dealings, we find things that we wish we hadn't. What seems to be a monthly occurrence--for at least the last two months anyway--Franco's interests seem to be devolving in all sorts of directions.

In what may be one of the strangest attempts to repair his newly found "minor-seeking" reputation, Franco put the brush to the canvas and depicted a naked Seth Rogen on all fours and laying prostrate. To be honest, the paintings could be of any overweight fellow, but I'm guessing by the text, "Seth wants it!", it's referring to Rogen. Artistically, the quality and style of the paintings harken not that far back, while clearly following some of the same lines and techniques used by the great artist/former President of The United States of America, George W. Bush.

If so inclined to see them "in the flesh," these pieces will soon be on display in New York and Los Angeles, along with many others...according to Franco's Instagram.