​Insanely Strong Sugary Alcohol Slushies Help New Yorkers Beat The Heat, Consciousness

How much would you pay to have a complete stranger show up at your door with an alcoholic drink of unspecified composition after having texted your address to a phone number you found on Instagram? If you said “Leave me alone with your insane ideas of alcohol distribution, and let me get back to staring into the bottom of this glass of scotch for the answers to where it all went wrong!“ your answer would be right. But if you said “$10”, THAT answer would also be correct.

Phrostie Customers and Phrostie Delivery. Seems legit.

A “company” in New York City is offering its Instagram followers the opportunity to purchase their completely unlicensed “Phrosties” which have been described by some drinkers as “Kool-Aid-meets-Red Bull, mixed with 150-proof Everclear”. The catch, which no-one seems to mind, is that you basically take what’s given you, mostly since they don’t tell you. Aside from names like “Irish Bomb, Volcanic Paradise and Tsunami Sunrise”, which may give you a general idea of what you’re in for as you can possibly extrapolate what it might contain, purchasers of these drinks, of which there seem to be plenty, go in without even knowing what they’re buying.

Well, obviously the differing levels of pink blue and white make everything perfectly clear...

And while adventure is all well and good, it’s a little difficult to imagine purchasing a liquid-esque beverage, sight unseen, without knowing what is in it, from a shady, unlicensed distributer. But then, on the other hand, how much do I really know about my own friends? And I’ll usually drink whatever they make for me at a party. So, you know what, forget what I said, Phrostie makers, I’ll take three, and a nice soft place to collapse onto after the first one.