Insane Contact Juggling

Don't be jealous. No human is this coordinated. This guy is probably a robot.

This amount of skill is impressive as all hell, but how does a person make use of it? It would be superfluous in most skill-based activities. Not even a sport that uses a ball could utilize or appreciate what Akihiro Yanai can do. Can you imagine a display of this skill in baseball? "Hunter Pence hits the ball, it get through the infield! Right fielder Akihiro Yanai picks it up as Pence rounds first base. Pence hits second while Akihiro Yanai perfectly balances the ball on his nose. Yanai pops the ball into the air and catches it with his elbows as Pence rounds third. Yanai pulls out a second and third baseball and makes them roll around his arms in a circular pattern as Hunter Pence and all the base runners cross home plate! Hunter Pence has scored an infield grand slam!"

Sorry about the digression. I probably lost you at "Hunter Pence hits the ball."