“Hase” A Giant Stuffed Pink Bunny Is Decomposing In Italy, Because

Nine years ago, a “Viennese art collective” dumped a giant stuffed pink bunny in the mountains of Italy. There are a lot of "whys?" in a statement like that, and none of them are going to be answered. That’s just something we’re going to have to live with.

Just, I mean, just because I guess, but... I dunno.

​No matter how much logic-brain we want to throw at it, we're just going to have to deal with the fact that some weird Austrians with five years to kill decided to knit themselves a 200-foot-long, 20-foot-high stuffed animal for the sole purpose of leaving in Italy for no reason.

So, what does it, I mean, I don't. Does it represent, poverty? Or something...

“Hase”, as the rabbit is named, resides now in Italy’s Piedmont region: well, what’s left of him does. Having been laying atop a mountain for nine years, you can imagine Hase has seen better days. The collective estimates that by 2025, Hase will disappear to nothing more than an empty field of questions, decaying naturally under the changing of the Italian seasons.

So, yeah, I guess. I guess there it goes then. I still don't think I... get it? Am I supposed to? Damn it, fine, you win! Happy?!

And so, there you are. People spent half a decade knitting together a giant bunny rabbit only to leave it out so that it could be ruined. I’m sure if you asked (and you were able to listen long enough without straining an eye or two with uncontrollable rolling), they would have some sort of deep message behind it. But as it stand, (or rather, sits and rots) it’s just an example of what people can accomplish when someone doesn’t give them something more productive to do. Like, you know, ANYTHING.

Via Time