Adopted girl, 23, finds real dad and then dates him.

She looks like a young him with long hair.
A man in the United Kingdom has been jailed for something that is at least a 10 on the creepy scale. 

Let's start with the girl: the girl was given up for adoption when she was an baby. She eventually grew up and decided "Hey, I'm gonna find my real dad!" so she went on Facebook and made it happen.

I would have suspected she would have had better luck on Myspace, either way she found him.

And then her and her twin sister started living with their registered sex offender father, Frank Humphreys. He had to register because of some nonsense about sex with a 15 year old, factual nonsense. 

Also, keep in mind that the daughter, Eleanor Jackson was 22 when she found her 51 year old dad.  

And at some point the daughter had another thought which was "Hey… Why don't I… Have sex with my dad? You know what? I'm gonna bang my dad! Why didn't I think of this before?"

[No telling on whether the twin sister was in on any of this weirdness but she was the same age. Because they are twins. If I have to spell everything out for you this is gonna take a while] 

Okay, so then her relatives noticed how her and her dad would constantly flirt with each other like two people who are secretly banging each other. 

Then they got caught. The father got some jail time, the daughter got some community service, and we got a little grossed out.

But of course, It's not like weird shit is going to ever stop happening in the world so it's better to learn and try and understand it. This is an example of Genetic Sexual Attraction, a common phenomenon between relatives who didn't know each other growing up. Well, hers is, the dad sounds like his wires were already crossed.