15 Brazilian Soccer Fans Grieving Like The World is Ending

​Brazil got crushed today in their World Cup game against Germany. The ending score was 7-1, which is such a trouncing in soccer that Germany could have played their towel boy and some kids from the Make-a-Wish Foundation and still won by like, 3 goals. Brazil lost this game at home too, in front of thousands of despairing fans. So when the game stopped being interesting (when it was 5-0 at halftime), there was still plenty of opportunity for entertainment in watching the absurdly bummed super-fans in the stadium. Here are some highlights from among their lowlights:

Wanna know how to make people like this go from sad to angry? Tell them it's just a game.

This kid lost a lot of money on that match.


Everyone from young to old could share their mourning for what is apparently the Brazilian equivalent of the Kennedy assassination.

"All my soccer player crushes are fading away!"


"Now I feel stupid for wearing this bow!"


Note the spittle extending from front tooth to lower lip. That is the familiar spit-string of grief.


Better luck next time, Brazil.

Via tumblr