Funny Fresh Milk From The FilmCow

On FilmCow’s Youtube channel there is a pair of sadistic marshmallows, a reality show wherein the host hits things with his car, and Chris Brown as a superhero who only fights women. And it’s weird. It’s damn weird. Filmcow rides the line between WTF and WTF but in a good way. Here’s an example:

The FilmCow channel has an oddly compelling series called “Hit it With a Car” in which the host berates his assistant and then hits things with a car: like Monopoly boards and a dresser filled with bananas. It’s a dumb premise – waay too dumb to warrant a series, but that is FilmCow’s M.O.: Give dumb ideas the five-star treatment. That’s not an insult, btw. After watching one episode I was like, "Why WOULDN'T I watch this guy hit an ironing board with cakes on it???" I love that FilmCow doesn’t acknowledge or give a damn that it’s dumb. Their bullshit is so confidently presented that I find myself believing in it too.

The Presidential Debate 2012 animation below is a pretty spot-on in terms of how much honest and useful information we’re going to get out of either candidate in the debates.

Oh, and here’s that Chris Brown Superhero animation: