9 Childhood Cartoons Re-Imagined in a Wicked Way

​I still love cartoons. Especially the old-school cartoons that I’d set my alarm on Saturday mornings to watch. It was a simpler time comprised of animations, pro wrestling, and a ton of pop tarts. I’m older and more jaded these days. Now my life is comprised of Breaking Bad, pro wrestling, and a ton of pop tarts. French artist Sylvain Sarraih beautifully marries the old animations that we adored with our new-school violent sensibilities. The results are pretty amazing.

Inspector Gadget: I especially love the horror-film cleaver included. It’s the kind of thing that separated normal inspectors from homicidal maniac inspectors.

Alice in Wonderland: "I’m late, I’m late, to get hella stoned with that blonde chick" – The rabbit…probably


Babar: Elephants never forget…that there isn’t any hope.


Denver the Last Dinosaur: He hated the band Warrant….a lot.


Ducktales: This would have made the NES game WAY more interesting. It would have been a story about how Scrooge McDuck sat around counting his money while his nephews smoked whoever messed with them.


Buzz Lightyear: There isn’t any truth to the rumor that Buzz actually shot down the Challenger.


Bambi: There are no friends in the forest.


Barbie: Let’s be honest, Ken was probably asking for that.


My Little Pony: They don’t look too daunting themselves…they might actually be running from Inspector Gadget.