Dude Dumps +3500 Badass Wallpapers on Imgur All At Once

Get your Attention Deficit Disorder in order for some serious time-wasting. One OCD user has dumped 3719 wallpapers on Imgur, allowing you to have a new image every day for the next 10 years.

The user, justanotherguyhereinexistance, has no other posts except for the wallpaper dump, where he refers himself as a "long time lurker". Of course, who has time to post things when you're busy amassing enough wallpapers to have one per day for 2 1/2 Presidencies. His pics are pretty good, and eclectic too: sports, video games, movies, television shows, and the occasional fine butts.

Of course, while the wallpapers are cool, the incredulous comments by the Imgur users are the best part of the story. Because lets face it, who does this kind of thing?


OP is the reason imgur goes over capacity all the time. Fuck you OP!

. . . . . fuck me

THE LITERAL FUCK 3179 images... Hell, I've got google chrome and even that's starting to have problems loading this.
If you ACTUALLY think I'll spend the next 10 hours looking through 3719 wallpapers for my desktop, you're right.

Well, at least one person sounds appreciative. And I'm sure justanotherguyhereinexistance doesn't care. Now that he's done image-hoarding, he can finally take a shower and go on living his life.

Via Imgur