Doctors Cure Child Born With HIV

Doctors in Mississippi, US, cured a 2-year-old born with HIV. They say she no longer needs medication, and it's very unlikely that she is contagious.

Dr Hannah Gay cared for the child during the therapy at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She said,

"Now, after at least one year of taking no medicine, this child's blood remains free of virus even on the most sensitive tests available . . . We expect that this baby has great chances for a long, healthy life."

In the Following video Dr Deborah Persaud discusses treatment in the newborn:

The number of documented AIDS cases has risen nearly every year since 1990, and in 2010 alone there were 1.8 million deaths due to AIDS, but this medical ​breakthrough foreshadows a dramatic decrease in those numbers. Gay said,

"We are certainly hoping that this approach could lead to the same outcome in many other high-risk babies . . . Prompt antiviral therapy in newborns that begins within days of exposure may help infants clear the virus and achieve long-term remission without lifelong treatment by preventing such viral hideouts from forming in the first place . . . Our next step is to find out if this is a highly unusual response to very early antiretroviral therapy or something we can actually replicate in other high-risk newborns."

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