Christian Bale’s Body Tranformations

​During this past year's Golden Globes, Tina Fey, during one of her many funny quips, made a specifically super funny quip at the expense of Matthew McConaughey. She acknowledged how much praise he received for dropping a great deal of weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. She then nailed the industry by suggesting that shedding massive amounts of weight is what every actress simply calls, "being in a movie." McConaughey responded the way we'd expect: clueless, mouth agape, slowly throat laughing after noticing everyone around him was also laughing. It was a definite well-placed touché moment for Fey, and all womankind in Hollywood for that matter.

It really is unfortunate that, for the most part, women are expected to lose weight because they have to, whereas men lose it because they want to. Then again, there aren't a ton of over-weight male slobs dominating the silver screen. But even with the double standard in place, it's still pretty amazing to see what some actors do to themselves for our entertainment and their own ego. Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, Charlize Theron Theron in Monster and most impressive of all, Christian Bale in...well, pretty much anything he's in:

Newsies - 1992

Velvet Goldmine - 1998

American Psycho - 2000

The Machinist - 2004

Batman Begins - 2005

Rescue Dawn - 2006

Terminator Salvation - 2009

The Fighter - 2010

The Dark Knight Rises - 2012

Out of the Furnace - 2013

American Hustle - 2013

Exodus - 2014

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