Explore the Chinese Walmart from a Safe Distance

​Here in America, Walmart is best known for its low prices, low wages, and horrible employee benefits. But in China, those things might not seem so bad compared to its fairly lenient stance on human rights issues. An American wage may even seem fair over there comparatively. If you're unhappy with your job, read on, and feel better about the hand you've been dealt. Because at least you don't have to choose from among these items:

Yes...those are Crocs...for sale...at Walmart

When searching for an excellent example of "it could always be worse," you really don't have to look any further that the isles of Chinese Walmart. Check out the consumable products that actually line the shelves of our Eastern brethren.

Ok cool...rice seems normal.
Hmmm...Meat being shopped for like it's a the $5 DVD bin does NOT seem normal.
Not sure why you'd package oil and orange juice together...but hey, maybe you need both.
Or maybe you wanna make a Turtle/Frog casserole?
Nothing to see here, just a bunch of vacuum packed reptile parts...
...and a big box of ribs. Move along...
What does a guy gotta do to get some beef candy in here?!?
I'm sorry...umm...Can I bother you for some assistance getting this to my car?
Cool! Pig Masks! Wait what? Those aren't plastic...or for wearing?