Child Cage Fighting is Here (For Better or Worse)

With the ever-growing popularity of mixed martial arts, it was only a matter of time before our youngest generation had the desire to mimic their favorite MMA athletes. The dangers that a cage fighter encounters are curbed only by their skill and experiences, and also by the strong physical nature of being an adult. So is it safe for children to pound each other like this?

ABC news did a story following a few of these kids and their parents, and--like with any other sport--its supporters prefer to downplay risks to the children by suggesting that these children are happy beating each other up. And as they imply: as long as they're happy, it can't be wrong.

With the ongoing controversy concerning children's football leagues, it would seem that intense physical sports are not about to end anytime soon--in spite of the dangers. I think most parents are fine with children learning mixed martial arts, but what would it hurt to just ban them from competing at least until their brains fully develop? A doctor who regularly sees children who participate in the cage matches doesn't seem to think it's a good idea; he pointed out that a majority of the kids he examines have already likely suffered acute concussions even though they just consider them to be normal post-fight headaches.

When watching the video you will see a little girl getting pounded and crying, but don't worry, she's having fun. I guess.