Bull Testicle-Flavored Beer

​The Colorado-based Wynkoop Brewing Company created a beer this year that has been flavored by bull testicles, and recently the brewery made the ballsy move of selling their tea-bagged brew year-round.

You'll go nuts for this beer, which is brewed among 25 lbs. of roasted bull gonads and will be sold on Beerjobber.com. I haven't sacked up and tried it, but I imagine the taste is savory. They've named their beer (appropriately) Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.

Wynkoop plans to sell the beer in pairs of 2 for $7-$8. They did not disclose, however, wether these pairs would be sold in a sack. A highlight of the beer for me is Wynkoop's clever and subversive description on the bottle:

“a luscious, uniquely ballsy stout with notes of roasted barley, coffee and nuts.”