They Shot Half of ‘Back to the Future’ with a Different Lead Actor

​It never gets old when all those amazingly funny and talented disc jockeys annually share that list of classic movie roles that were turned down or offered to alternate actors. Admittedly, imagining Woody Allen as Rambo or Bruce Willis as Muhammad Ali is super fun. I mean, could you fathom Arnold Schwarzenegger not being in Terminator? That's like having peanut butter & jelly sandwich without your mom making it for you.

Sometimes, the roles actually aren't turned down. Sometimes they're given to the best actor at the audition. And sometimes that actor gets five weeks into shooting that movie before the producer and director decide to pull them from it. Like in the instance of Eric Stoltz, aka the original Marty McFly.

Just five weeks into shooting Back to the Future, Stoltz was pulled from the film for, in a nutshell, just not being funny enough. Producer Robert Zemeckis and director Steven Spielberg made the call, costing Universal 3 million, before grabbing up Michael J. Fox. Don't feel too bad for Stoltz though. He ended up doing a ton more movies and landed that sweet starring role as Rocky Dennis in Mask. We looovvee you Rock...y! Here's what Back to the Future could've looked like.

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