9 Phobias Creepily Illustrated

This gallery of illustrated phobias does a wonderfully horrifying job of capturing the terror felt by people who feel these very real fears. Looking through this gallery may not only teach you about clinically documented phobias you didn't know existed, but it may also give you a few new phobias of your own. Enjoy:

1. Coulrophobia: fear of clowns (made with colored pencils and watercolor)


2. Demonophobia: fear of demons (made with charcoal)


3. Taphophobia: fear of being buried alive (made with charcoal)


4. Papaphobia: fear of the pope (made with oil on canvas)


5. Aichmophobia: fear of sharp objects (made with acrylic paint on metal saw-blade)


6. Dementophobia: fear of going insane (made with chalk pastel and watercolor).


7. Necrophobia: fear of death (made with graphite)


8. Arachnophobia: fear of spiders (made with graphite).


9. Automatonophobia: fear of things that falsely represent a sentient being (made with colored pencils and gouache)
Via Imgur