• ​Don't get me wrong, I love crazy artists who do one thing really well. But when you discover an artist who is able to create and execute work that combines more than one element to reach its observer, I find myself way more impressed and influenced than I would've been otherwise.

  • ​Since the discovery of fire by our hairy, knuckle-dragging ancestors, humanity has been rightfully fascinated by the beauty and power of the flame. But back then, they didn’t have the wheel technology or flip-kicking dexterity to appropriately celebrate their love of the dancing yellow demon. Now though, we have advanced to a point in our development where we can take one of the four elements of the universe, add a skateboard, and multiply that by 2000 frames per second to create an exponentially beautifuler and more powerific demonstration of our appreciation for flame: as displayed in the following video.

    Skateboarders Jonathan and Jason Bastian perform tricks on flaming boards, and off of flaming obstacles, all shot at 2000 frames per second to create this awesome, slow-motion video of man’s begrudging co-existence with an element that, given half a chance, would rightfully devour us whole, as is its divine right. Oh fire, we radically win this round, but we know that the second Smokey lets his guard down, you’ll be there to even the score.

  • Am I proud of what I’m about to share with you? On a very basic, artistic level: no, I’m not. But at the same time, I sort of am. As a simple “because it’s there” demonstration and to disprove the nagging idea that “this can’t actually be a thing” buzzing in the back of our brains, I feel justified in bringing you this find: videos of women's butts riding motorcycles.

  • Finland. Jeez. And Wow. 

    Finland will soon be introducing a new way to send your package, first class. Thank you, thank you. No, you’re absolutely right, I deserve the first ever standing ovation you’ve ever given your laptop. Don’t fight the urge: It’s right and proper.

    "Yes, Mr. Postman, let's empty that mail sack of yours right away."
    Via Slate
  • ​A dog was tangled up in a wire fence until an officer cuts it free. It's hard to tell exactly how the dog was stuck, but by the sounds the poor pup makes while the officer cuts through the wiring, he was there for too long. The dog wags its tail when the officer comes near to help him; I'd be excited too if I was stuck on a fence and someone with thumbs showed up.

    Once the dog is free, he starts limping away, and the officer then gets distracted by an old woman who probably called him in the first place once she saw the dog stuck on the fence. But he doesn't have time to chit chat with the sweet old lady because the dog is now on the run. On the limp. 

    The officers thinks he lost the now freed dog and then, to his surprise, he finds the dog sitting somewhere unusual. Maybe it was the dog's way of letting the officer know that the man who frees him is the man who owns him. At least until the dog saves the officer's life once and thus returns the favor.

  • Financially desperate times cause us to compromise our standards for quality. Sometimes we have to turn to those who don't have as much competence in their field as their more expensive contemporaries. But there are things in life where skimping shouldn't be an option, like, body augmentation for example. A sagging "this or that" would be hard to live with, especially after dropping your hard-earned money for that "upgrade". And the body augmentation of dead animals is no exception.

  • At first nobody knew why Alison Michelle Ernst, a 36-year-old, shoe-throwing weirdo (activist?), hurled a shoe at former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, but after speaking with Ernst, we now know: she's just crazy. 

    But it leaves so many questions: How and why did this happen exactly? Do you take your own shoe off and go home with one shoe after you throw it? And if you go out one day knowing full well that you are a "shoe thrower" do you bring an old pair you wanted to get rid of anyways? If the shoe has athletes foot fungus inside, is it considered a chemical weapon? 

    In this case, she brought a spare shoe in her purse, pulled it out and threw it, but much like her point, the shoe missed the mark. 

    I'm gonna bet that the people who throw shoes are the same kind of people who throw bottles on stage at rock concerts, and if they were chimps they would be the ones who fling their primate poop. 

    I don't know much about Hillary Clinton, but I know that getting a shoe thrown at her was probably one of the least embarrassing moments in her life. 

  • I've never known the ins and outs of the rap industry, but I'm quite certain that an attached penis is an intricate part of the gig. How else would your swag emit legitimacy but with an "uncut-off" sex pistol? What good is street cred when you're missing the part that benefits most from it?

    Via TMZ
  • ​“Doing things for the right reason, just because,” is essentially the message of this next video. This ad encourages you to do the right thing, not for what it might gain you, not because you expect anything in return, but because if you do the right thing--simply because it’s the right thing--your kindness and beauteous spirit will be rewarded in ways greater and more meaningful than anything you'd gain through ulterior motives. Help where you can, when you can, how you can, and the world will be brightened by your actions--a brightness that will gladly shine back down upon you in thanks for your simply being the best version of you.

    It’s a message that you might not expect to be delivered so sweetly by a life insurance company, but our surprise at this genuine, human message from Thai Life Insurance may just seem odd to us because we’re used to all of our insurance messages being written and published by animated lizards. Go out and do something nice for someone, it’s a beautiful day out there.

  • ​Today’s edition of big kids acting like little kids acting like big kids is brought to you by the folks at Cat™ equipment. Let’s say you’re a manufacturer of heavy equipment and construction machines and you need a relatable, easily understandable way to demo your wares. How would you go about that?

    Well, the obvious answer is that you do what any kid who likes stackable block games and Tonka Trucks would do: You stage an 8-ton Jenga game to show off the delicate, operational capabilities of your Excavators and Telehandlers.

    Each of these giant Jenga blocks weighs in at 600 pounds a piece, so it’s fun when (while watching their game), you lose sight of the massive scope of the movements and just experience the same anxious cringes of watching a regular-sized game being played out on your kitchen table. Of course, when this one topples there’s more of a potential for physical injury than a regular game, which usually just ends in yelling at your cousin for shaking the damn table again, and to hell with this--let’s play something else that you assholes can’t so easily cheat at!


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