• In todays world, science and technology are developing at a mind-boggling rate, and it's hard to keep track of what is possible and what is not. Of course, not all of us enjoy things like physics or chemistry or logic and reason. Some of us like TRUE magic! The man in the video below is one of these special people who was born with the power to make youtube videos claiming he was born with the power to control fire, and it seems like he does so with the power of his loneliness.

  • ​This is the story of Christianne Ray, a 2-foot, 9-inch baby-making machine whose bones stopped growing while the rest of her didn't. 

    She suffers from a rare bone disorder that prevented her bones from growing past early childhood. Her body is of normal mass, but it's held up by the bones of a much smaller person, making her very compact. She's married to a man who is 6'4", and he tends to carry her around when she's pregnant since her tiny legs can't support the weight.

    During one scene in the video posted below, when she's shopping with her family, she voices her frustration at people who stare at her because she's short. She doesn't seem to realize that it's not simply because she's short: It's because she's inside of a shopping cart with her baby being pushed around by her tall husband. It's not a sight you see everyday. Unless of course you're her husband. She married her high school sweetheart, Jeremy. He's quiet--the kind of quiet that makes me think he has a dark secret (I have trust issues).

  • ​Just like most genetic abnormalities, Albinism also makes people stare a lot. No matter what species you're talking about, when you see an albino you have a reaction. Some cultures celebrate their hypopigmentary congenital disorder as sacred, whereas other cultures fear people with the condition. But whichever way you choose to stare at it, all it really is, is a partial lack or total absence of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair. No biggie, just an effect that makes them look super white. Come to think of it, I think my inner thighs suffer from it as well.  Take a look at all these albino animals, but don't look too long, or they might start getting self conscious.

  • ​They say, "imitation is the highest form of flattery." And as with anything that they say, there's always others who say different. Some say, "imitation is the highest form of piracy." I guess it all just depends on the intention of the imitator.

    There is nothing better than seeing an artist nail an impression dead on. Every once in a while there comes along talented people who truly studies the craft and are able to scare you with how good they are. Actor Ross Marquand is just the person to do that. Watch this magnificent freak take on the voices and mannerisms of Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey, James Gandolfini, Harrison Ford and Al Pacino.

    Personally, I'm not sure which one I liked the best. His Kevin Spacey drops my jaw. Check out Marquand's IMDB page here.

  • Frans Hofmeester made a video of his daughter. That’s not news, although it is 11% of most people’s Facebook news feed. What Mr. Hofmeester did that sets his child’s video apart is that he filmed his daughter once a week, every week, from the time that she was born, until she turned 14. He then took those clips and compiled them into a 4 minute time lapse video showing his new born baby growing into a beautiful young woman. It's a video that will inspire a warm fuzzy feeling in any average viewer with even a shred of humanity still hidden within their cold black hearts, and it will reduce any parent watching to a gibbering tear-soaked mess.

  • ​The title of the following video is "First Aid Performance Gone Wrong," and like me, some of you may disagree with it. Seems the performance "goes right," as what started out as a boring dramatization, soon became a funny drama. The fake victim magically transformed into a real-life person in need of real First Aid.

    The pretend/eventually real victim-actor was doing a solid job of "laying there" just prior to having his head partially smashed by a bookcase. The solemn monotone scream of, "Owww!" was quite convincing, which I'm sure perked up the group of mostly child onlookers and created a much more engaging display than originally anticipated.

  • ​Don't get me wrong, I love crazy artists who do one thing really well. But when you discover an artist who is able to create and execute work that combines more than one element to reach its observer, I find myself way more impressed and influenced than I would've been otherwise.

  • ​Since the discovery of fire by our hairy, knuckle-dragging ancestors, humanity has been rightfully fascinated by the beauty and power of the flame. But back then, they didn’t have the wheel technology or flip-kicking dexterity to appropriately celebrate their love of the dancing yellow demon. Now though, we have advanced to a point in our development where we can take one of the four elements of the universe, add a skateboard, and multiply that by 2000 frames per second to create an exponentially beautifuler and more powerific demonstration of our appreciation for flame: as displayed in the following video.

    Skateboarders Jonathan and Jason Bastian perform tricks on flaming boards, and off of flaming obstacles, all shot at 2000 frames per second to create this awesome, slow-motion video of man’s begrudging co-existence with an element that, given half a chance, would rightfully devour us whole, as is its divine right. Oh fire, we radically win this round, but we know that the second Smokey lets his guard down, you’ll be there to even the score.

  • Am I proud of what I’m about to share with you? On a very basic, artistic level: no, I’m not. But at the same time, I sort of am. As a simple “because it’s there” demonstration and to disprove the nagging idea that “this can’t actually be a thing” buzzing in the back of our brains, I feel justified in bringing you this find: videos of women's butts riding motorcycles.

  • Finland. Jeez. And Wow. 

    Finland will soon be introducing a new way to send your package, first class. Thank you, thank you. No, you’re absolutely right, I deserve the first ever standing ovation you’ve ever given your laptop. Don’t fight the urge: It’s right and proper.

    "Yes, Mr. Postman, let's empty that mail sack of yours right away."
    Via Slate


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